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Continuous change is the new norm in life and business.

As we continue working more and more in the corporate environment, elevating brands, we have to remember to keep an eye on our own.

We expanded our business, and now have a fully dedicated new division for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, providing full-service branding services. https://joyrahatbranding.com/

Joy Rahat Portraits remains the same, and I will personally work with each of you for non- businesses related legacy portraits for you and your loved ones.

To celebrate our new branch off Joy Rahat Branding, we are giving ???????? ??? ??? ?? ???????? gift cards – valued at $1,500 each to two lucky fans. So enter now for a chance to win. This is a once-in-a- lifetime brand transformation!

To learn more, please click here our new Joy Rahat Branding Facebook page.

Featured business ladies on this cover:
1. Carolyn E. Howell, President & CEO Events USA
2. Alexandra Petre, PhD | Leader Dev | R&D | Executive Coaching
3. Staci Redmon, Founder and CEO Strategy and Management Services, Inc.
4. Betty J Holland Hines, CEO & Founder Women Elevating Women
5. Gilda Mizrahi, Founder of Signature Dresses in Georgetown.

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