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What’s in a Name?

I am Joy Rahat…

When I came to the United States over seven years ago an I was English speaking immigrant , educated and experienced in Public Relations and Marketing. I came from a beautiful life in Kyrgyzstan raised by intelligent parents who are both doctors (now retired), the legacy of an amazing grandmother who always inspired us to fly as far as we could go and a husband who supported my adventurous nature.

We arrived with six suitcases, our two-year old son and a dream of something different but unknown.

Regardless of what you may have been doing in your own country, the truth for many who immigrate to the United States is that you may have to start from scratch and that was true in my case. Despite possessing a Master’s Degree I began my work life in the Shenandoah Valley as a gas station attendant. This exposure on a very organic level was a wonderful life experience and I am so grateful for the one on one contact as I immersed myself in my new life as part of the American Tapestry.

Having had many rich experiences working internationally with diverse and creative people, helped me tremendously. But it was working in this new setting doing something completely foreign to me that gave me the needed time to think deeply about what I truly wanted to do what would become my career path.

So after two years I was able to move on. I had always had a love for capturing life from behind a camera lens and so I studied hard and became a photographer..

Initially I was only photographing clients who lived in my immediate area however in time I was able to extend my reach and expanded my client base into the Washington DC metropolitan area and nationally.

Only after I saw the impact that my work had on business professionals and entrepreneurs that I realized it’s real power. I realized that I had to first make a trusted connection with my client and once I achieved that I could better help them express their authentic self.

In today’s face paced world when we want everything ‘quick in and out’, ‘express drive-in or drive-thru” it is easy to forget that building relationships is the lifeblood of everything.

Most people begin their relationship with us by Google-ing our name. It is at that time that my clients find out that they have a visual branding identity challenge, their online presence doesn’t match the reality of what they are or want to portray.

If your portrait is worth taking, then it should tell a story, but that story must be translated properly. Your digital identity should connect people to you and assist them in wanting to build a relationship with you, your business and your brand. These photographs have the greatest impact as they tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

The strong, confident, accomplished entrepreneurs that I photograph often tell me that they do not like how they look in portraits, they do not like that level of vulnerability. These successful individuals have already carved out their niche and know their craft but seeing themselves is a still portrait often contradicts the idea that they have in their head. I believe that it is my job to bring out the essence of my client by providing them the custom experience they need to yield dynamic results.  

I have had the privilege of creating brand portraits of television executives, CEOs of international organizations, those who rub shoulders with Rock and Roll royalty as well as entrepreneurs of successful startups. In each case the mission is to form a connection between the subject and anyone who sees their photograph.

These exciting seven years of discovery have flown by and although my start was simply as eyes behind the lens, it was during the process of guiding my professional clients that I understood that I must become the face of my own business.

I am Joy Rahat and this is my journey, now as a proud American Citizen my company, is helping other entrepreneurs on their journey.

Here is brief story of my family’s journey to the American Dream.


Joy Rahat is all about emotions and “All About Emotions” is now “Joy Rahat”!

Experience the joy of a Joy Rahat experience!

Evolution of change from 2012 till  2017


all about emotions now Joy Rahat Brand Our 1st client appreciation  ONYX party.


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