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Traditional Uzbek topchan with silk pillows and handmade mattresses
Tapchan sofa, Uzbekistan – traditional outdoor seating during the hot summer months, are a place where people get together, ideas are exchanged and where you can be part of a company.

Increasing  flow of tourists from the U.S. to Uzbekistan


Last night we were invited to Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC, where they hosted leaders of tourism and hospitality industry. The goal was to introduce exotic and not as well known tourism country of Uzbekistan to the American market.

Uzbek Ambassador receiving Skal hospitality honor in Washington DC
Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States Javlon Vakhabov with Andres Omar Hayes, President at Skal International Washington DC.

This was their beginning stages of a branding campaign, which needs a lot of brand awareness projects to find the target market who would enjoy experiencing eastern hospitality. While sharing delicious Uzbek cuisine; pilaf made from Uzbek rice, tandoori naan, sumalak and even delicacy horse meat, we enjoyed a video promo about Why to visit Uzbekistan.


 Uzbek cuisine prepared meal at Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC
Embassy of Uzbekistan hospitality. Delicious Uzbek cuisine; pilaf made from Uzbek rice, tandoori naan, sumalak, delicacy horse meat, dried fruits and more…


Since I know very personally the tradition, language and mentality of this country, I was left with a lot of questions and thoughts. The number  one question was since Central Asian countries ( former Soviet union) are mostly visited by European tourists for very popular eco and ethno tourism, while American tourists historically are more interested in entertainment experiences and leisure, will there be enough interest and need for this type of tourism? It might might be something unique or it might remain unknown to the american market.

Uzbek musical instruments and carpet decorating wall
Musical Instruments of Uzbekistan; Doira, Rubab,Nay,Sato,Surnay,Dutor. Embassy of Uzbekistan, Washington, D.C.

It all depends on how strategically the branding and marketing campaigns are positioned to compete with leading tourism destinations. Does the country need branding or Rebranding for a new market?

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