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This is what happens behind the scenes where I have compressed nearly five hours of work computer work into less than a 30 second video.

Each person is photographed separately and then composited in one powerful branding image.

corporate headshots bending the scenes

To give it the final look, I have added their meaningful slogan along with the company logo and name.

The backstory of this branding image started in 2018. When Valarie Dock, the president of the company attended my masterclass about branding and asked a question. I still remember her question “We are in the janitorial industry, how this can we be branded to the next level?” To make a long story short, it was obvious to me that it was the people who work in her company and who create it’s healthy culture that were the untold brand. The brand story of started internally and then showed itself externally marked by the same values.

Now after a year the company has grown tremendously and has been fully rebranded with a user friendly and modern online presence, and we have created brand video, where Valarie shared company’s core values.

Next time you fly into and out of a major airports in our region, you can say you know the amazing ‘Management Team’ that is overseeing their crews responsible keeping the tunnels clean. It’s all about Bolana Enterprises, Inc.!

headshots team


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