The anatomy of visuals

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the extent of one’s online marketing presence could simply be “a website.” This outlet would list the high points — a basic message, some supplementary information, product and service listings where applicable, pricing scales, and finally, a couple of anonymous stock images to keep the whole thing from becoming static and boring. Throw in some contact information, hit publish, and you’re all set.


Those days a long over. And those who still subscribe to this “pure function” approach are (and I see it time and time again) most often left in the dust by their competition. It’s understandable why. A modern audience craves a personal touch: a polished, fleshed-out brand that shows professionalism, personality, and that conveys a sense of trust between a business and a potential client. And, with attention spans shorter than ever, it’s imperative that a prospective client is able to feel that they “know” a brand on an intimate level, one that is unique to their own needs and experience, in as little time as possible. 


In other words, put yourself in the client’s shoes. When they inevitably conduct a Google search that lands them on your About page… what impression do you want them to be left with? Ideally, the online persona is a solid match for the person they will be working with in the real world. 


Simply knowing the best way to utilize visuals makes a world of difference. When understanding a visual, we must think about its purpose and the role it’s going to play. So often, I notice clients copying competitors instead of developing their own voice, style, and sense of authenticity. So, my main goal is to help my clients by establishing a strategy on how to best use their images for brand marketing. Combining these visuals with concise wording and flattering positioning brings the package together for the best outcome.


This, particularly, is something I keep in the front of my mind when I’m working with my female clients — usually high-powered, accomplished women of business — especially when it comes to their own visual appearance. Mixing the photographic genres of “glamor” and “business professional” in a portrait can be a very narrow line to walk: on one side, the end result of such a portrait is bland and boring; on the other, she is way-too relaxed, or overly exposed. But in the middle, is the sweet spot… that place where her personal taste, sense of style, and genuine self comes through, loud and clear. 


The key is to make it modern, and make it personal. I often see high-powered CEOs falling into the same trap: using decorative or stock images; using imagery that worked just fine years ago, but has since become dated (goodness knows women’s business fashion has changed immensely in only the last several years); or, skipping quality visuals altogether, and relying on text to tell their story, instead of a complete visual marketing package, which shows their story. Again: it’s all about making it modern, and making it personal in an accurate, truthful way.


No two portraits are the same, but there are some core guidelines I’ve assembled below: implementing these very basic principles while considering your brand is an excellent way to elevate the quality of your message, right away. So, let’s walk through a few different examples to pick out those qualities that make a portrait truly great. 


Of course, every brand is different. If you’re unsure how your brand is being perceived, I invite you to fill out a brief questionnaire, here. I’ll conduct a free review of your presence as it stands currently, and will get back to you with thoughts, suggestions, and next steps for establishing a truly competitive, honest message that catches the eye and boosts business.   


See here difference after transformation from previous ( on left) traditional headshot portrait.


Headshots have been a mainstay for business professionals for decades, the traditional headshot was little more than a dressed up passport photo, cold, deliberate and unexciting. But a “Cinematic” headshot takes the photograph to the next level, it is a modern, vibrant and engaging way of connecting with your viewer.
At Joy Rahat we have been using this style of dramatic photography since 2012 to evoke emotions and differentiate our clients with our special focus of powerful eye connection and authenticity. When you want more than just a run of the mill picture ask for our Signature Cinematic Headshot and get noticed.
Your Energy
Your Message
Your Presence
Your Persona
Your Authenticity simplified and visualized in a single yet powerful portraiture!


Creating immediate connection | Signature look

Where best to use:

  • Profile photo
  • Speaking
  • Business card
  • Press release
  • Website

The anatomy of powerful headshots: 

  • Close up 
  • Eye contact
  • Confidence 
  • Up to date


Can you identify which image does not belong to this headshot category here?



Portraits are unlike headshots are customized for each individual and can be photographed  at various locations with creative lighting, posing and concept.  Post-production is more stylized like magazine cover style and more diverse variety to choose from.  These type of portraits designed especially for C Level Professionals and Entrepreneurs. 


Showcase your personality through your body language.

Where best to use:

  • “About or Bio” page
  • Social media covers 
  • Blogging and articles
  • Billboards
  • Advertisement
  • Trade-show and booklets

The anatomy of powerful portraits: 

  • Memorable

  • Storytelling

  • Editorial 

  • Lifestyle 





Showcase your specialty and expertise 

Where best to use:

  • About “services “page
  • Instructional articles
  • Brand storytelling articles
  • Launching new service or product
  • Printed marketing


The anatomy of  environmental portraits: 

  • Action and detail shots 






This type of branding takes into consideration the amazing team that is behind the business. The imagery of the faces behind the scenes gives potential clients a glimpse into your culture and what makes your business successful.

Well thought-out magazine quality images of the exceptional products you offer will increase interest in you. The visual assets that we produce will capture the story and success of your company and tell why we all need to be your next clients.



Showcase your culture and acknowledge your greatest asset. 

Where best to use:

  • Cover & landing pages
  • Meet the team pages
  • Team building
  • Meet clients before they meet your team

The anatomy of team portraits: 

  • Up to date
  • Branded
  • Positive


Corporate and Executive Group Portrait


Full length Corporate Group Portrait
Full length Corporate Group Portrait


Industrial portraits welding
Industrial & Environmental Portraits


Environmental Group Portraits


Environmental Group Portraits
Environmental Group Portraits ( Google Team)




As the name implies, video branding is your opportunity to tell your story in a far more thorough and compelling way that a still image. Today’s customer before buying does 180 degree research  about the product or services and wants a more intimate experience (values, beliefs and bios) through video and photo messages brands share with their audience.  

Joy Rahat video branding is a comprehensive package includes a concept design, style and wardrobe guide, professional hair and makeup, creation, implementation, and finalization of your professional video project, it has it all. Meet and introduce yourself and your team before your clients meet you in person. 


Joy Rahat behing the scenes



More about video branding is here


Of course, every brand is different. If you’re unsure how your brand is being perceived, I invite you to fill out a brief questionnaire, here. I’ll conduct a free review of your presence as it stands currently, and will get back to you with thoughts, suggestions, and next steps for establishing a truly competitive, honest message that catches the eye and boosts business.   



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