The anatomy of visuals

“Something is happening. We are becoming a visually mediated society. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images” – (Lester, 2006)


Did you know that 93% of communication is nonverbal according to Professor Mehrabian*?

When it comes to business communication, most often I see that photographic visuals are being used improperly or even wrongly.  For example using stock photographs to decorate websites and printed marketing materials instead of communicating through authentic visuals and showcasing real people behind the business. But one thing I keep seeing among female professionals, where most often mixing glamor or beauty shots with business style portraits.  These two are totally different photographic genres. I’m all about style, personal taste and I love fashion. However it is too easy for women to appear stiff, bland, boring or way too relaxed and exposed. While we all have a different taste and style, having a good balance and keeping it stylish, conservative and classic is a safe way to start. 

In order to give clear communication to others, first  we must understand types of visuals, their purpose and role – when and where to use them strategically to elevate our brand message to the next level. I will share bellow differences between headshots and portraits in depth.



Headshots have been a mainstay for business professionals for decades, the traditional headshot was little more than a dressed up passport photo, cold, deliberate and unexciting. But a “Cinematic” headshot takes the photograph to the next level, it is a modern, vibrant and engaging way of connecting with your viewer.
At Joy Rahat we have been using this style of dramatic photography since 2012 to evoke emotions and differentiate our clients with our special focus of powerful eye connection and authenticity. When you want more than just a run of the mill picture ask for our Signature Cinematic Headshot and get noticed.
Your Energy
Your Message
Your Presence
Your Persona
Your Authenticity simplified and visualized in a single yet powerful portraiture!


Creating immediate connection | Signature look

Where best to use:

  • Profile photo
  • Speaking
  • Business card
  • Press release
  • Website

The anatomy of powerful headshots: 

  • Close up 
  • Eye contact
  • Confidence 
  • Up to date





Portraits are unlike headshots are customized for each individual and can be photographed  at various locations with creative lighting, posing and concept.  Post-production is more stylized like magazine cover style and more diverse variety to choose from.  These type of portraits designed especially for C Level Professionals and Entrepreneurs. 


Showcase your personality through your body language.

Where best to use:

  • “About or Bio” page
  • Social media covers 
  • Blogging and articles
  • Billboards
  • Advertisement
  • Trade-show and booklets

The anatomy of powerful portraits: 

  • Memorable

  • Storytelling

  • Editorial 

  • Lifestyle 







Showcase your specialty and expertise 

Where best to use:

  • About “services “page
  • Instructional articles
  • Brand storytelling articles
  • Launching new service or product
  • Printed marketing


The anatomy of  environmental portraits: 

  • Action and detail shots 







This type of branding takes into consideration the amazing team that is behind the business. The imagery of the faces behind the scenes gives potential clients a glimpse into your culture and what makes your business successful.

Well thought-out magazine quality images of the exceptional products you offer will increase interest in you. The visual assets that we produce will capture the story and success of your company and tell why we all need to be your next clients.



Showcase your culture and acknowledge your greatest asset. 

Where best to use:

  • Cover & landing pages
  • Meet the team pages
  • Team building
  • Meet clients before they meet your team

The anatomy of team portraits: 

  • Up to date
  • Branded
  • Positive


Industrial portraits welding


*Professor Mehrabian combined the statistical results of the two studies and came up with the now famous—and famously misused—rule that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal.


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