cinematic headshots

Cinematic Headshots

Creating immediate attention and converting the attention in revenue is a matter of timing and imagery!

Headshots have been a mainstay for business professionals for decades, the traditional headshot was little more than a dressed up passport photo, cold, deliberate and unexciting. But a “Cinematic” headshot takes the photograph to the next level, it is a modern, vibrant and engaging way of connecting with your
At Joy Rahat we have been using this style of dramatic photography since 2012 to evoke emotions and differentiate our clients with our special focus of powerful eye connection and authenticity. When you want more than just a run of the mill picture ask for our Signature Cinematic Headshot and get noticed.
Your Energy
Your Message
Your Presence
Your Persona
Your Authenticity simplified and visualized in a single yet powerful portraiture!

When smiling keep it natural and your mouth is half open or lips together but relaxed.



Headshot before after attorney



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Modern headshots tips for realtors


Winchester Headshots, Lady Boss




Women of color headshots





DC headshots for business


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