3 Posing Tips for Headshots

How to look good for headshots


1. Your chin forward and down.

Our tendency is to sit or stand upright pulling our head back making our chins look fatter. Bend your neck forward in a way that seems unnatural. This pulls the skin back on your face and chin making you look a thinner and younger. You may feel unnatural doing it, but it will look natural in the photo.

Modern headshots tips for realtors


2. Smile.

When smiling keep it natural and your mouth is half open or lips together but relaxed.

Real estate agent headshots

3. Keep it simple.

Wear solid colored top and keep accessories min or avoid at all.  Ladies no cleavage for professional business portraits, but for beauty portraits, it would be just perfect.

When smiling keep it natural and your mouth is half open or lips together but relaxed.













P. S.

These posing guides are helpful during these situations:  when posing assistance is not available, taking own headshots, or when needed quick in and out headshots for ID documents. When it comes to professional headshot photography, it is all about emotion and connection, quality and originality that captivates your viewers.

Here is my own before and after of headshot photos for driver’s license, where I used these 3 simple tips.



headshot photos for driver's license  


When everyone is super positive and extremely supportive, the end result is always great! Behind the scenes from todays non stop 5+ hours workflow! Tiffany, Tracie and Ed, Johanna you all rocked!

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Since we are traveling as a family of 3, our main priority was to have more activities for kids age 10-12. The Royal at Atlantis was the best option among others with a huge selection of waterparks and activities.

While it is a great place for kids, I personally not fond of crowded place like this. Now we know why it has a second name - Vegas by the sea. The Resort is so huge with gorgeous views but service and food options needed a lot of improvements. Although Ilias is having a lot of fun with these activities, I feel tired and little exhausted  by making choices, where to eat, where to go and avoid the crowd and long lines... What I really like is,  everything outside of this property and traveling to downtown, eating at local restaurants, interacting with locals, drivers and learn more about local culture, life and just have an authentic and simple conversation.

If I had a choice I would prefer to stay in a quite bungalow and enjoy the nature without the overwhelming crowd and less commercialized life. Probably that time will come when Ilias goes to collage?! Today we had the best experience, swimming with dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island, which is 20 min boat ride from the property.  Amazing and friendly animals... and then enjoy the shallow and sandy beaches of the island.

So far we had experienced only the half of activities at the property and have couple of days left to cover the most of them.

If you have been here before, please share what we should try, visit and eat and experience? 
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