Joy Rahat Portraits

Boudoir Portraits Curvy Confidence


It took a lot for me to do this and feel comfy in my own skin but Joy made me feel at ease.

It’s nice to know that curvy girls can look and feel beautiful too!

I’m hopeful it will be a memorable Christmas present for my fiancé.


Larina contacted me and shared that she wanted a very special gift for her loved one. It was definitely a bold move and we are both were very nervous as it was her very first boudoir and beauty experience. I wanted make sure to feature her curves and whole her body in a way that underscored her assets and to embrace her beautiful experience.

We spend good amount of time getting to know each other. We met several times to prepare the concept, access her style following up and even lingerie shopped together.

This time I invited my two beauty team members to provide ultimate pampering to relax her, while she was enjoying cold white wine. I could not gotten her as relaxed and camera ready without my awesome beauty team.

When I saw the grey set, I knew it was “her” color! It just perfectly matched her eye color and contrasted her skin tone. I was so inspired by Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and styled her with a long grey skirt adding chunky matching jewelry.

She rocked her cover girl epic poses!!! Click the video below to see behind the scenes and the full experience.
What Curvy Confidence!!!



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