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Capturing Furry Memories: Our French Bulldog’s First Photoshoot Adventure

Pet Newborn Puppy Portrait Photography

Pet Newborn Puppy Portrait Photography


If you had told me a few months ago that I’d be arranging a professional fur baby photoshoot for our French Bulldog puppy, I would have chuckled. Little did I know, our adorable frenchie would become the star of her very own portrait session, complete with a four-hour photoshoot experience.

The Backstory:

During the COVID pandemic, we welcomed a three-year-old retired French Bulldog into our home. We named her Lady, and though her time with us was short-lived, her memory lives on. To honor her, we custom-designed all our 404 pages on our business websites, serving as a virtual tribute to our beloved Lady: Link1 Link2

The Fateful Decision:

Initially hesitant about diving into pet parenthood again, I found myself scrolling through pictures of other Frenchies on my feed. Little did I know, my significant other had a surprise in store for me – a French Bulldog puppy for my birthday. On a snowy January afternoon, we eagerly drove to Waldorf, MD, to the breeder’s house to meet our new fur baby. While there was a full litter of charming little cuties, we were both instantly drawn to one—the playful and gorgeous puppy who would soon become a cherished part of our family.

The Unseen Challenges:

Becoming new puppy parents came with its own set of challenges. Our furry bundle of joy not only grew and changed daily but seemed equivalent to managing eight toddlers at once. Determined to capture her puppyhood, I decided to organize a dedicated photoshoot day.

The Wardrobe Shopping Experience: 

Before the photoshoot,  we went shopping for a fur baby’s wardrobe. While in the pet section at Target I found a tutu dress only, I expanded our search to the newborn girls’ section for onesies, settling for 0-3 months old clothing. I even found a pair of socks from Lady’s closet  and a new silk pajama from her grandmother to add a personal touch.

The Photoshoot Saga:

Executing the photoshoot took about four hours, a substantial amount of patience, and a bag of treats. By the end, our pup was so exhausted that she dozed off, allowing me to capture stunning close-ups and sleeping baby portraits in her adorable onesies and socks.

The Art of Memory: Images Deserve To Be Finished Art:

While it’s convenient to store all my images on my phone, there’s something special about turning these digital memories into tangible art. I was intentional in treating my own images with the same care as do for my clients because I captured them with the clear purpose of transforming them into something real and lasting. From selecting images from my men’s GQ style branding shots to retouching them in a timeless black aesthetic, I created a gallery on our walls. This process ensures these moments receive the attention they deserve, turning them into a lasting legacy.

Pro Advice, Regarding Your Printed Images:

Did you know that there are two types of prints when it comes to wall art? There are consumer prints, such as those printed by Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS, and prints done through professional labs. Consumer prints are not archival and contain only 4 colors, while professional labs use up to 12 colors and are archival, providing a lifespan of up to 100 years. Professional printing processes often involve a broader color gamut and archival materials, leading to longer-lasting prints compared to some consumer-grade options.

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    March 2, 2024 - Reply

    It’s amazing to see, the beauty of a pup captured by you. It’s magnified knowing our puppy, is loved the way we desire it to be. When we choose a home, it’s with the intent of it being nothing less than the Best! You’ve proven this and we will always be family! These are amazing, shots captured! 😊🙏🏽❤️


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