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Unforgettable Shared Senior Portrait Experience!!!

Usually I photograph one senior student at a time in a solo portrait session style. This time I had 6 friends that shared their entire portrait experience together and it was so far my most favorite one.

I took my time and sat with each student to learn more about their experience and how they felt sharing very personal experience with others, at the same time having own individual portraits taken between group settings.

As I had diverse group of 6 students, I was not sure if communication was on place and if “getting ready guide” had necessary guidelines, but yet gave them enough room to showcase their individuality by selecting the style and look that best represents each student’s personality.

This conversation interview highlights different parts like before, during and after the photoshoot . As well as comments about fear, being uncomfortable and exciting moments.

From the perspective of a mom of a pre-teen student, I really liked this experience, where kids shared their challenges, exciting moments and the main friendship memories in a real and creative setup.

This inspired me to create a new session style for seniors – all inclusive LUXURY GROUP EXPERIENCE! More about this session is here.

This session allows to invite the close friends to share best memories with like minded palls and block the entire day of Joy Rahat studio for makeover, refreshments, styling and portrait session including outdoor portraits and even riding a limo to make it extra special. Who does not like special moments and walk away with gorgeous portraits that will be cherished for a long time?

This can be a great graduation gift of memories and unforgettable experience for loved ones! Ask about this session and details if you want to share your experience with your best friends!

 Located in Northern Virginia, we offer studio, on location, destination sessions including DMV area.

Watch this video interview about group senior portrait session experience. 


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