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How to Pose for Photo Session


Recently, I stood in front of the camera and tried to understand how my models feel, while I make them pose over and over until we get the perfect and most flattering camera look.

Most of you already know our beauty and branding portrait experience that usually starts with wardrobe styling guide following up with wardrobe fitting session, and then hair and makeup, portrait session with 4-5 different outfit changes once we agreed on main concept.

Here is what I understood from my own session today: posing on apple boxes is painful and is so uncomfortable. Especially when I was told not to move and constantly being asked to follow guidelines such as; chin forward and down, head tilted left, right…

Oh and standing on high heels with crossed legs was challenging too.

The most comfortable was sitting in the soft chair, but unfortunately it was the least flattering camera look.

So my conclusion, if it looks awkward and difficult then final portraits should look great and more flattering.  Most importantly having someone who can help you guide on posing makes any photo session easy and fun!

The cover photo is a composition, where I have stitched best seven single portraits together like a vanity fair style photo shoot.


This photo composition is very similar project to above one, the only difference is I had 7 employees from a corporate office for their main branding image. Accordingly wardrobe selection and posing are tailored for business genre.


DC corporate office group photo

“Joy” Rahat  

 Creative Director | Visual Branding Specialist


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