Joy Rahat Portraits

The Beauty of Farm Life

I was inspired by and loved watching Jenny’s Facebook posts about her journey back into farm life living and the new property to which she and her family recently moved.
Jenny and I both share similar story, where both  searched long and hard for a new house where chickens would be allowed to roam and enjoy  colorful sunset view around Winchester, VA.  Unfortunately most of the homes located in the school districts not allowed raising of chickens.  In the meantime my family selected a house in a nice area closer to the city, and put our dream of life in a farm house on hold. But after I visited Jenny’s new farm and met all her farm animals, her cute chickens and saw the gorgeous scenery, I was hooked. I knew that this kind of farm life experience was going to be a part of my own 5 year plan.
When I asked Jenny to explain why she wanted to live on a farm, her reply was “We chose this lifestyle to maintain a connection with our rural roots. We wanted our children to learn and care more about sustainability and teach them more responsibility. Having a close connection with our food chain gives such a great sense of accomplishment, not to mention healthier, it’s a great hobby that’s productive and satisfying.”
‘Capturing the Magic’
 The concept for Jenny’s family portraits was built around the simple calm beauty of her farm. We wanted to be sure to feature her dear pets, the farm animals that she loves. You can easily see the peaceful disposition and demeanor of these animals as they interact with the family in calm coexistence. Finally we took the time to coordinate the family’s wardrobe and incorporate rustic props to help us tell her story.
As you see in this video, the laid back beauty and authenticity of her life on the farm is priceless.

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