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Washington, DC, is not only the capital of the United States but also a city with a rich and diverse history. Many of its high schools have been around for decades, and some even for centuries, shaping the lives and careers of countless students. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best high schools in Washington, DC, their history, culture, and achievements. Whether you are a proud alumni, a curious parent, or a prospective student, you will find something exciting and inspiring in this post.

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Becoming a Senior

Seniority is a concept that values the experience and wisdom of those who have been in a position or organization for a long time. Seniority is often associated with prestige, respect, and influence in America. This is especially true in education, where seniority can reflect the quality and reputation of an institution. Many of the best high schools in Washington, DC, have a long and distinguished history, dating back to the 18th or 19th century. They have witnessed and participated in the events that shaped the nation and have produced many notable alums who have made their mark in various fields. These schools have also maintained their traditions and values while adapting to their students’ changing times and needs.

Georgetown Day School

Georgetown Day School (GDS) was founded in 1945 as the first integrated school in Washington, DC. It was a bold and progressive move at a time when segregation was still prevalent in the city. GDS was also one of the first schools to adopt a coeducational model, welcoming boys and girls from different backgrounds and religions. GDS is known for its academic excellence, commitment to social justice, and emphasis on creativity and innovation. The school offers a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to think critically and independently and a wide range of extracurricular activities that foster their talents and passions. GDS has also been recognized for its diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as its community service and environmental initiatives.

What makes GDS unique is its culture of freedom and responsibility. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and pursue their goals without being constrained by rigid rules or expectations. They are also expected to respect themselves and others and to contribute positively to the school and society. GDS graduates are well-prepared for college and beyond, as they have developed the skills and values that will help them succeed in life.

Civil Rights Movement
High schools in Frederick

Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell Friends School (SFS) was established in 1883 by Thomas Sidwell, a Quaker educator who wanted to provide a high-quality education based on the principles of his faith. SFS is a Friends Council on Education member, which promotes the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. SFS is also one of the most prestigious schools in Washington, DC, attracting many prominent families, including several presidents and their children.

SFS is renowned for its academic rigor, global perspective, and spiritual dimension. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all major subjects, foreign languages, arts, athletics, and service learning. The school also integrates Quaker practices into daily life, such as meeting for worship, silent reflection, and consensus decision-making. SFS aims to educate students intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

What makes SFS unique is its emphasis on social responsibility and civic engagement. Students must apply their knowledge and skills to address real-world issues and problems locally and globally. 

National Cathedral School

National Cathedral School (NCS) was founded in 1900 by Bishop Henry Yates Satterlee as an Episcopal school for girls. It is located on the Washington National Cathedral grounds, serving as its spiritual center and inspiration. NCS is part of the Cathedral Close Consortium of Schools, which includes St. Albans School for Boys and Beauvoir School for younger children. NCS is distinguished by its academic excellence, religious diversity, and leadership development. The school offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond, as well as a variety of electives that allow them to explore their interests and talents. The school also fosters a respectful and inclusive environment that welcomes students from different faiths and backgrounds. NCS emphasizes the importance of character education and ethical values, such as honesty, respect, and responsibility. NCS’s focus on empowering girls to become confident and capable women makes it unique. Students are given many opportunities to develop their leadership skills and potential, such as student government, clubs, sports, and service projects.

Civil Rights Movement

St. Albans School

St. Albans School (STA) was founded in 1909 by Canon Charles Martin as an Episcopal school for boys. It is located on the Washington National Cathedral grounds, serving as its spiritual center and inspiration. STA is part of the Cathedral Close Consortium of Schools, which includes the National Cathedral School for Girls and Beauvoir School for younger children.

STA is known for its academic excellence, athletic prowess, and spiritual formation. The school offers a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to excel in all subjects and a wide range of extracurricular activities that enhance their physical and mental well-being. The school also nurtures a strong sense of faith and values based on the Episcopal tradition and the teachings of Jesus Christ. STA strives to instill in students a love of learning, respect for others, and a responsibility for themselves.

What makes STA unique is its emphasis on building character and community. Students are expected to uphold the school’s honor code, which requires honesty, respect, and kindness. They are also likely to participate in the school’s daily chapel services, which provide a time for worship, reflection, and fellowship. STA also fosters a close-knit and supportive community among students, faculty, staff, parents, and alums. STA graduates are not only academically prepared for college and beyond but also morally grounded and socially engaged citizens who can contribute positively to the world.

St. Anselm’s Abbey School

St. Anselm’s Abbey School (SAAS) was founded in 1942 by Benedictine monks who wanted to provide a Catholic education for boys. It is located on the grounds of St. Anselm’s Abbey, which serves as its spiritual center and inspiration. SAAS is one of the few schools in the country run by a monastic community.

SAAS is acclaimed for its academic excellence, classical education, and Benedictine spirituality. The school offers a liberal arts curriculum that exposes students to the best of Western civilization, from ancient Greece to modern America. The school also emphasizes the study of Latin and Greek, which helps students develop their linguistic and logical skills. The school also cultivates a deep appreciation for the Catholic faith and the Benedictine way of life based on prayer, work, and community.

What makes SAAS unique is its commitment to intellectual curiosity and spiritual growth. Students are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, and explore ideas inside and outside the classroom. Through prayer, meditation, and service, they are encouraged to develop their relationship with God, themselves, and others. SAAS graduates are well-versed in the humanities and sciences and well-informed in their faith and values.

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Trip Meeting The Top Washington DC High Schools

Georgetown Day School

4200 Davenport St NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

  1. Head east on Davenport St NW toward 42nd St NW for 292 feet.
  2. Turn right onto 42nd St NW and continue for 0.1 miles.
  3. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto River Rd NW for another 0.1 miles.
  4. Finally, turn right onto Wisconsin Ave. You’ll pass by Chick-fil-A on the left as you continue for 0.8 miles.

Sidwell Friends School

3825 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016, United States

  1. Head southeast on Wisconsin Ave toward Quebec St NW for 0.6 miles.
  2. Turn left.
  3. Turn right after 85 feet.
  4. Continue for 312 feet.
  5. Turn right after 220 feet.
  6. Your destination will be on the right after 82 feet.

National Cathedral School

3612 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

  1. Head west toward Woodley Rd NW for 197 feet.
  2. Turn left onto Woodley Rd NW and continue for 98 feet.
  3. Turn left onto Wisconsin Ave and proceed for 0.3 miles.
  4. Turn left onto Garfield St NW and continue for another 0.2 miles.
  5. Finally, turn left onto a restricted usage road. Your destination will be on the right after 315 feet.

St. Albans School

3001 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

  1. Head southeast toward Garfield St NW (restricted usage road) for 315 feet.
    1. Turn left onto Garfield St NW and continue for 0.4 miles.
  2. Drive along Calvert St NW, Harvard St NW, Irving St NW, and Michigan Ave NE for approximately 24 minutes (total distance: 5.1 miles).
    1. Take a slight right onto Cleveland Ave NW and continue for 0.4 miles.
    2. Continue onto Calvert St NW. You’ll pass by a pharmacy on the left in 0.4 miles.
    3. Continue onto Adams Mill Rd NW for 381 feet.
    4. Turn left before McDonald’s and continue for another 0.4 miles.
    5. Continue onto Harvard St NW for 0.9 miles.
    6. Harvard St NW will turn left and become Hobart Pl NW for 0.1 miles.
    7. Take a slight left to stay on Hobart Pl NW for 0.2 miles.
    8. Merge onto Irving St NW and continue for 0.8 miles.
    9. Take a sharp left onto Michigan Ave NE and proceed for 1.3 miles.
    10. Turn left onto 14th St NE for 0.1 miles.
    11. Take a slight left onto South Dakota Ave NE for 164 feet.
  3. Drive to your destination
    1. Turn right for 0.1 miles.
    2. Take a slight right. Your destination will be on the right after 423 feet.

St. Anselm’s Abbey School

4501 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017, United States

  1. Get on I-495 W in Silver Spring from Sargent Rd NE, Riggs Rd, and University Blvd E
    1. Head south for 164 feet.
    2. Continue straight for 0.2 miles.
    3. Turn right toward South Dakota Ave NE.
    4. Turn left toward South Dakota Ave NE.
    5. Turn right onto South Dakota Ave NE and continue for 0.2 miles.
    6. Turn right onto Sargent Rd NE, entering Maryland, and proceed for 1.6 miles.
    7. Turn right onto Riggs Rd. You’ll pass by Arby’s on the right in 1.1 miles.
    8. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto University Blvd E and continue for 2.7 miles.
    9. Turn right to merge onto I-495 W toward Northern Virginia for 0.1 miles.
  2. Follow I-495 W, VA-267 W, and VA-28 N to VA-7 E in Loudoun County. Take the VA-7 E exit from VA-28 N for approximately 34 minutes (total distance: 33.5 miles).
    1. Merge onto I-495 W, entering Virginia, and continue for 15.0 miles.
    2. Use the right lane to keep right at the fork and continue on I-495 S for 0.5 miles.
    3. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 45 A to merge onto State Rte 267 W/VA-267 W toward Reston/Herndon/Dulles Arpt (toll road) for 11.7 miles.
    4. Use the right 2 lanes to continue on VA-267 W (toll road) for 0.2 miles.
    5. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 9B to merge onto VA-28 N toward Sterling for 5.8 miles.
    6. Exit onto VA-7 E toward Tysons Corner/Falls Church for 0.4 miles.
  3. Continue on VA-7 E. Drive to Lake Center Plaza in Potomac Falls for approximately 4 minutes (total distance: 1.5 miles).
    1. Merge onto VA-7 E for 1.3 miles.
    2. Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto VA-1795 for 0.1 miles.
    3. Turn right onto Lake Center Plaza for 0.1 miles.

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